"...this Lake of Beer will be our light..."

It’s the 1st of February…

A boot-stomping Irish drinking song about heaven, St. Brigid’s Fire is the opening track on Kevin’s 2013 double album The Spark.

After almost three years, the desire to have a lyric video that visually captures the joyfully raucous “eat-drink-forgive-and-be-merry” tone of the track has finally borne fruit.  And so, as the date approaches, we can grab a cold beer from the fridge [or the tap] and direct our collective gaze to the bouncing ball, belting out in one, hopeful voice:

It’s the first of February / and we all have gathered here / to drink up for King and conscience / from this glorious lake of beer!


*The Spark is now available on iTunes, Bandcamp + more. You can purchase CDs in our Store right here on KevinHeider.com.