The Spring of 2011 brought an unexpected release in Ready, Set, Become…, an intimate collection of songs about family written over the span of about 10 years. The stripped-down production gives the 6-song EP a very personal tone, while comedy and tragedy take turns guiding the nostalgia and enhancing the mystery.

Ready, Set, Become… is presently available on iTunes, Amazon, and a variety of other digital media outlets. CDs can be purchased in our Store.

What have folks been saying about Ready, Set, Become…?

“…the lyrics are a profound reflection upon what the artist would want to tell his eight-year-old self  ‘standing on the corner’ of life…Far from being disillusioned with life, the artist has begun to drink deeply of its mystery. Part of that mystery, though, is recovering what has been lost in the process of growing up.” Josh Altonji, on his blog

“Kevin has such a rich voice that makes you get lost in whatever he is singing. It is so easy for me to allow his music to get stuck on replay.” leighbritt via an iTunes review