An eclectic double album featuring 22+ original songs, The Spark‘s ambitious soundscape showcases a wide variety of musical styles — folk, indie, rock, blues, gospel, bluegrass, Irish drinking songs, and more. One iTunes reviewer wrote of this 2-disc release: “Overall, this is probably the most original album I’ve heard in quite a long time.”

The Spark is available on iTunes, Amazon, and a variety of other digital media outlets. All downloads of the full album include a digital booklet. CDs can be purchased in our Store.

What have folks been saying about The Spark?

“Some songs are conceived and born quickly. And some of those songs, like ‘Yesterday,’ are game changers. But other times, you’ve just got to work and work and work. You’ve got to sculpt the songs into the little pieces of perfection that you are absolutely positive they are meant to be. That’s exactly what it would seem Kevin Heider has done with his ambitious double-album…’The Spark’ is an album unlike anything I’ve heard for a while…It’s an album that really couldn’t be born outside of the American experience.” Dan Alcantara’s at (8/28/13)

“One of the best Albums I’ve heard in a long time. Every song is amazing.” Chris F.M. via an iTunes review

“Overall, this is probably the most original album I’ve heard in quite a long time. It’s refreshing and fulfills the want for depth of meaning in music. There is no common genre that I can think of to describe all the songs, except maybe the genre of awesome. I mean, with a song inspired by a vision of an Irish saint involving beer, a poetic nuclear protest, a tribute to one of the craziest cities in the world, a denouncement of the selfish american dream and wrapping up with a song about the most random age ever, what else is there to say?” — Jacob Neesons via an iTunes review

“Really enjoying this album. Catch more and more each time through. The talent of the artist is clear and the content is a breath of fresh air.” — Nicholas Mayrand via an Amazon review

“I’ve listened to the album from start to finish and there is not a song that I don’t love” — Connor (from Pittsburgh) via Twitter

“Finally got around to downloading @KevinHeider’s #TheSpark album. This music is going places – so blessed to be able to listen to it!” — Lauren (from Minnesota) via Twitter

“After downloading your album and listening just to a couple of songs I totally understand why I pledged your project! I can’t wait to listen to all your songs on The Spark. For me your voice and music have that magical thing what touches me. Thanks for sharing your gift” — Karin, from ???

“I am head over heels for Kevin Heider’s new album, The Spark!” Guinevere (from Michigan) via Facebook

“I’m starting to think that #thespark is the most brilliant album I’ve ever heard. #cantstoplistening” Jimmy (from Tennessee) via Twitter

“I’m a giddy little music consumer listening to this album” — Cory (from Indiana) via Facebook

“Got my early download and listened through the whole thing throughout today…It’s an epic album” — Michael (from Ohio) via Twitter

“The album is AMAZING!! My husband loves it too!! Will definitely spread the word” Jeannine (from ???)

“I’M LOVING Kevin Heider’s NEW ALBUM THE SPARK!! Get yours. You won’t regret it” — David (from Minnesota) via Facebook