Released in May of 2009, To Whom It May Concern is Kevin’s debut solo/acoustic/piano album featuring 12 original songs. It’s an intimate, introspective – sometimes melancholy but always sincere – debut effort.

Digitally, the album is currently available exclusively on CDs can be purchased in our Store.


What have folks been saying about To Whom It May Concern?

“I think part of my hesitation in writing this review is that Kevin Heider and his music strike a deep chord within me that I’ve had a hard time expressing. I am blessed to have the opportunity to hear lots of great music from a variety of artists, but ‘To Whom It May Concern’ has stood out from the beginning. It is personal. I think that’s the best way to describe this album.” – Jim Logue, Grapevine (12/7/09)

“…I think one of the things that impressed me most about this cd is the intimacy that comes with it. You literally feel like you’re in the living room with Kevin, and I was very impressed with this album…there’s just not a lot of albums that make you feel that way, that make you feel like you’re almost in the room with the artist. And Kevin does an incredible job of presenting a very pure album, a very stripped album, and one that’s definitely not overproduced and one that really illustrates and shows the strength of the music.” – Rob Ayoub, CME (6/21/09)

“This music is sooo beautiful. I could listen to it over and over and over. I saw him live and he’s amazing. He puts so much soul into every note, every lyric…”*21* via an iTunes review

“I’ve been waiting for songs like these…the piano and his voice are just amazing. This is an awesome album and I hope to see more in the future…” – em822 via an iTunes review