Released on November 3, 2015, Us is a reflection on love, from its first glance to its earthly parting. At times fun, funny, endearing, honest, and tragic, the story of Us works as a fitting follow-up, a thoughtful appendix to part II of Kevin’s 2013 double-album The Spark.

Made possible by the patrons of Love Good MusicUs is now available digitally on iTunes, Amazon, and a variety of other digital media outlets. You can pre-order CDs in our Store.

What have folks been saying about Us?

“a rock-solid EP”

- Niki Dakota, host of Excursions on WYSO

“As someone who has been enamored by the music of Kevin Heider from the moment I first listened to 2010’s The Salzburg Revolution, I could not be more excited about his latest EP nor could I be any prouder to have Love Good Music patrons from across the world rallying behind his brilliant artistry. Everything about Us brings me back to what I already love about Salzburg and The Spark. Full of whimsical musings, existential profundity, and playful insights into the human experience, these six songs are in my humble opinion the best to come from Heider yet.”

- Jimmy Mitchell, founder of Love Good Music

“…it’s everything an EP should be. It’s got all the fat cut off and it’s nice to listen straight through.”

- Chris Madden, art critic

Trailer #2: Permanent Valentine

Trailer #1: For Those I’ll Leave Behind