"Oh, how great was the flood..."

The Great Flood [Revisited]

A melody. A compulsion. A guitar riff. A repeating thought: water.

All of these elements had been running circles in my head, twitching in my fingertips for weeks until one Thursday evening (several years ago now) when an old man bowed low in humility to wash the dirt from my feet. In that moment, the muffled sounds I’d been hearing in my head for weeks, the vague concept I’d been stirring to flesh out — it all finally found its form in The Great Flood.

Images of water started pouring forth from the pen onto the page as I pondered the preternatural implications of washing oneself clean and of letting oneself be washed and of all the love that must entail. These thoughts eventually became the fulcrum on which my 2013 [double] album The Spark bends. Give it a listen, if you’re unfamiliar, and then read on…

Grounded firmly in the middle (it’s the 11th song out of 22), The Great Flood is the summit upon which the album ends an increasingly heavy, dark, and difficult uphill journey of asking “Why?” and begins a solemn and adventurous exploration into “Because.”

The themes of life, love, longing, purpose, and place that drive The Spark have all been ordered around the album’s centerpiece — The Great Flood — a modern hymn [of sorts] kept in time by a subtle beat, a beat that lingers, becoming more clear when the music fades, a beat that, at the time of the song’s recording, belonged to the heart of an unborn child at 36 weeks in the womb. The child’s name is Pierce. He is my nephew. He lived in water for the first 9 months of his life. Shortly after his birth he experienced, for the first time, the great flood of grace in which all the lost get found and all the found get lost.

So as you struggle, perhaps in vain, as I often do, to walk amidst the sharp and rugged rocks that bloody our paths and dirty our feet, remember the beat of the heart that’s waiting to burst forth. Remember that it once was yours and that it can be again.

Kevin Heider

P.S. This is a slightly updated re-post of an older article that has become our annual Easter post. If you’ve enjoyed it, please pass it along. Thanks for reading. And thanks for listening! Happy Easter :-) 

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