Kevin Heider on Balcony TV

At the end of September, Kevin spent a beautifully sunny autumn morning on a rooftop in downtown Cincinnati with several other local artists for the inaugural video shoot for Cincinnati’s own Balcony TV channel. (check out a few photos from the shoot below)

Sponsored by the good folks at Cincinnati’s Downtowne Listening Room, Balcony TV offers “music with a view.” It’s a cool project. And it’s a great way to discover new artists from all over the world.

Kevin’s live/acoustic performance will give you a good taste of Balcony TV’s mission and format. If you like, share it. Cheers!

COMING SOON | from Love Good Music

We can’t tell you too much, but we can tell you this…

Back in February, Kevin spent a few days at Sony Music Studios in Nashville, TN with fellow singer-songwriters Chris Cole and Alanna-Marie Boudreau. They were in town for about a week, each recording 4 brand new tracks to be released exclusively to patrons of Love Good Music - a cool new indie music patronage program – at some point in 2015.

Here’s a behind-the-scenes shot of the band prepping in the studio…

…and here’s a clip of the song [they were prepping for] in an early stage of mixing…

It’s got drums, guitars, mandolin, banjo, upright bass, a flying fiddle, a saloon-style piano, real trumpets, fake trumpets, drunken mob vocals, and more. It’s a raucous Irish drinking song of sorts, a folksy Americana/rock anthem called For Those I’ll Leave Behind. It’s a happy song….about death. Get excited.


Meet Mrs. Heider!

Ladies and gentlemen, friends and fans, kith and kin, right here, right now, for your utter and ultimate delectation and delight: meet Mrs. Heider! (Because exploiting your new wife’s incomparable adorability is the surest way to boost record sales and increase artist awareness.) And to answer the question you didn’t even know you were asking: Yes! She is the girl from Frederick :-D

*The Spark is now available on iTunes, Bandcamp, and a variety of digital media outlets. You can purchase CDs in the Store here on

Blood Red Gold

As you may well know, Kevin’s latest album The Spark would NOT have been possible without the committed community of supporters who rose up to fund the project on Kickstarter last Fall. The Spark was released on March 26th and has since inspired a group of young independent filmmakers currently trying to raise funds for their upcoming documentary Blood Red Gold: Mining, Development, and Conflict in Peru. The title Blood Red Gold was inspired by a lyric from Kevin’s song The New World: “…the blood on the money had turned the gold red and when it all disappears, the system is dead…” So if you like supporting the arts and socially conscious causes, please consider supporting this one via Kickstarter today:

The Rooftop Sessions: Happy Canada Day!

With a house concert tonight on the southeast tip of the Dinkytown Peninsula, Kevin and Joe have had quite an adventure thus far on The “Happy Canada Day!” Tour. Last week they took a break from performing to hang out backstage and work stage crew for Switchfoot at their show in Wisconsin. And just yesterday Kevin enjoyed a delicious slice of apple pie at Mickey’s Diner in St. Paul, which fans of The Mighty Ducks should appreciate. The tour will last until July 28th, with shows yet to be played in Minneapolis (MN), Mankato (MN), Carmel (IN), Dayton (OH), Loudonville (OH), Steubenville (OH), Washington, D.C., Philadelphia (PA), and more!

One of Those Nights

Kevin recently had the privilege of collaborating with up-and-coming singer-songwriter Andrea Gleason on her debut album, One of Those Nights, which was recorded and produced by Mike Ofca at Innovation Studios in Steubenville, OH. Kevin simply wandered into the studio one sunny day in June to pay Mike a visit and ended up laying down some light piano and back-up vocals on the album’s seventh track, “He Will Never Forget”  (listen below). While Kevin and Andrea plan to collaborate on various music projects in the future, for now you should check out her debut album on iTunes and!