Kevin Heider on Balcony TV

At the end of September, Kevin spent a beautifully sunny autumn morning on a rooftop in downtown Cincinnati with several other local artists for the inaugural video shoot for Cincinnati’s own Balcony TV channel. (check out a few photos from the shoot below)

Sponsored by the good folks at Cincinnati’s Downtowne Listening Room, Balcony TV offers “music with a view.” It’s a cool project. And it’s a great way to discover new artists from all over the world.

Kevin’s live/acoustic performance will give you a good taste of Balcony TV’s mission and format. If you like, share it. Cheers!

I Don’t Want Your Love: A Retro Vibe

I don’t want your love. It’s not a statement directed towards anyone in particular — I’m generally not a mean guy. It’s a metaphor, my attempt at a classic lyrical blues hook.

Materialism. Excessive demands and expectations. Mistrust and dishonesty. In any relationship, these distort and distract from authentic love.

Conceived while meditating on Martin Scorsese’s 3+ hour documentary on Bob Dylan while imprisoned in my Baltimore townhouse as hurricane Irene pounded the east coast back in 2011, this was my second attempt at writing a blues song. It was fun to write, a blast to record and produce, and it remains a favorite to play, especially when The Honest Stand (my band) is fighting alongside me on stage.

I’ve now attempted to give this “bluesy garage-rock tune with a retro vibe” a properly retro lyric video. That was the goal, anyway. And I really hope you enjoy it. Because, honestly…I do want your love.

For Those I’ll Leave Behind: A Happy Song About Death

“What are you working on?” she asked, genuinely interested.

She had just returned home from the store to find her husband playing his guitar in the spare bedroom of their apartment. He was finally fleshing out an idea that had been festering for some time. She was eight months pregnant and looked beautiful — an irrelevant detail. “Got somethin’ new?”

“Me? Oh, uh…” he hesitated, not sure if he was ready to discuss the concept so early in the song’s development. “I’m writing a happy song about death.” He said it frankly, half-anticipating a wince at such frankness. Surely ‘death’ deserves a little less jollity and a little more sobriety. But she didn’t wince. Instead, her face took on an expression more akin to relief, a sweet relief, as if she’d just recalled a fond memory.

“I think I need a song like that,” she said. So he wrote a fourth verse just for her.

For Those I’ll Leave Behind  (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

*Us is now available on iTunes, Bandcamp + more. You can purchase CDs in our Store right here on

In a Passing Year: 27

Every year has its ups and downs, its losts and founds. When July is full of struggle and strife, the hope for August is a chance at new life.

As the seasons change, fading in and out of one another whether you’re ready or not, the trick to being “okay” may sometimes lie in the simple act of remembering. When a beautiful fire burns in November, try to remember it in the cold of December. You won’t be able to feel its warmth in the moment, but you’ll know that the warmth was real once, that it still is, and that it can be felt again.

Poetically chronicling love, loss, and new life in a passing year, 27 is the closing track on Kevin’s 2013 [double] album The Spark. It’s a simple song. We hope you enjoy it.


*The Spark is now available on iTunes, Bandcamp + more. You can purchase CDs in our Store right here on

It’s the 1st of February…

A boot-stomping Irish drinking song about heaven, St. Brigid’s Fire is the opening track on Kevin’s 2013 double album The Spark.

After almost three years, the desire to have a lyric video that visually captures the joyfully raucous “eat-drink-forgive-and-be-merry” tone of the track has finally borne fruit.  And so, as the date approaches, we can grab a cold beer from the fridge [or the tap] and direct our collective gaze to the bouncing ball, belting out in one, hopeful voice:

It’s the first of February / and we all have gathered here / to drink up for King and conscience / from this glorious lake of beer!


*The Spark is now available on iTunes, Bandcamp + more. You can purchase CDs in our Store right here on

Art Affects: The New World

Every artist wants their work to mean something, wants their painting, sculpture, book, song, etc. to spark some thought (any thought) in the mind of the beholder. Art is about ideas, ideas that hopefully lead to positive change(s) within ourselves and within the world around us. And every once in a while, art affects us in such a way that we feel compelled to share our thoughts on the art with the artist, who is, in turn, incredibly humbled by the reception and sincerely grateful for the opportunity to be heard, for the chance to make a difference. Every once in a while, a message like this gets sent:

“…keep doing what you’re doing. I can already tell you that a couple of my friends who are blinded by the mainstream media, etc, have started to question things simply by conversations sparked by your songs.”

The song to which this sender (named Samantha) was referring is The New World, track no. 8 on The Spark. Check out the brand new [and super cool] lyric video for The New World below. And as always, if you like it, share it.